"Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb, Iran." -John McCain

Our country is in turmoil. We sit, empty wallets, unemployed, watching two men in suits parade around, spitting sweet words that are meant to elicit trust in our fearful hearts. We watch them; we watch their moderator be unable to restrain them, their words spilling over, spreading out, falling on tired ears.
There are no concrete numbers, only empty promises, and what are we supposed to do? The old man sits there wrinkled, hunched, no neck to stick out and take a chance. He stands, leaning on his chair, looking aged and worn out. He attempts to connect with the people gathered there to watch him, calling them, “my friends,” calling his opponent “that man.” But these tactics are too pronounced; we see straight through them. There is nothing there that we want, nothing we want to buy. Nothing in his health care plan we’d subscribe to. He spends too much time discussing his opponent, too much time talking about our nation as a great machine, a growling beast. The war, that ever present shadow looming over our left shoulder, comes to the forefront and he tells us that we can leave that sandy place victories. What is victory in the face of death? What is victory when we have destroyed so much? There is no victory left for us there, no glory in that terrible place that we have re-created. We let their people die, we let our people die. Where is there honor in that situation? In a cause that we never revealed, never succeeded? Freedom? Democracy? What is that when there’s nothing left but dusty tears and bones?
Regal and dark, he stands there, defending his positions and nobly answering questions with actual details instead of creative fantasies and whispered promises. There is no hand-shaking of the crowd after they’ve asked a question, no pandering to special interests, no shaded lies. Well, it’s politics, but let’s pretend just for a minute. He sits during questions, managing to look intelligent and eager, not smug and ancient. Not desperate for some sort of faded glory.
There is noting left of what the United States of America used to be. There is no happy optimism, there is no military prowess. We are a shell of the country that we used to be. We are mocked by people everywhere, we are joked about, our politics are regarded as desperate and crazy. We invade countries against the advice of the very coalitions, groups and organizations that we set up to protect against people very much like ourselves. When it is convenient, we listen to them, we lead them, we tell everyone else what to do, but when it serves our purpose we disagree, we rebel, we change our course of action.
What are we then, but evil doers in the world? We began with the aim of protection and the power has been abused, misused, taken and destroyed. We have destroyed ourselves, we have let this happen. Our leaders have failed us and we must not let that happen again.
Stand up and say something, use your voice, your abilities. Fight for change, if you can, if you will. Because there is nothing left of our country, no hope unless we strive to lift ourselves out of this terrible hole. We are lost without your vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.
There is nothing more imperative at this moment. And let’s hope you vote the right way, obviously. This is one test that has a correct answer: Barack Obama.

and save your money, turn off your lights, spend nothing more than you make and pray to whatever god you believe in for a ray of light in this strange dark hour. Pray you still have your job, your retirement and most importantly your peace of mind.

Peace and love, everyone.

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