Five-Day Weekend!

On Wednesday night, I went over to the boys’ house after mock trial practice to play charades with them. We’ve been playing charades most nights and we find it to be a very interesting game, no matter what the conditions.
Well, as we are sitting there, one of the boys who lives upstairs came in through the back door to tell us to be a little bit quieter. (Ironic, considering it was a game of Charades, no?) Instead of simply turning around and leaving after he said it, he stayed with us and kept on talking to us. I turned to say something, and he told me that I couldn’t talk because I was a woman.
Wow. I was shocked. I told him that it wasn’t a fair thing to say and he continued, saying things about women in general, and me for the duration of the time that he was there. We were all just sitting there, shocked.
I didn’t say anything. I catch a lot of crap from the boys about being a girl, but this was something entirely different. This was an all out attack and this wasn’t even funny, which most of the things the boys say are.
I got up and left the room and Ian and Kyle followed me.
Coupe and Hunter finally finished talking to him, and when they came back inside there was a discussion about how rude that had been.
I was still bothered by it, though, so I decided to put on my shoes and leave. On the way down the stairs, I started crying, and Ian came outside with me and talked to me and in the end, I went back inside, we locked the back door, and the boys all apologized for not saying something while he had been in the house and told me that they wouldn’t stand for it ever again and that I deserved more than that.
Well, better late than never.
I have never been treated like that as a woman. Never. It’s terrible. I thought that that kind of sexist crap wasn’t tolerated or taught anymore.
Both Emily and I consider ourselves “one of the boys,” and the boys consider us to be that as well. Granted, we are infinitely more attractive, but that’s obvious and often overlooked.
And last night, Hunter told me he was sorry again and that he never wanted me to feel like that again, especially not in their apartment (which is like my second home).

Thursday night tradition continued last night, although with a smaller crowd, which was utterly enjoyable. We always watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and then since none of us have class on Fridays, we just hang out and play all night. Last night, I got over there as soon as I was done with class and hung out with Coupe, Ian and Hunter and waited for Kyle to get home, Jeremy to come over and Emily to get done with rehearsal.
The debate started at eight, and by eight thirty five we had all completely lost interest. We are all very politically charged people, all of us liberals, yet we couldn’t stand to watch Sarah Palin’s mouth move and her eyebrows go up and down.
So we commenced playing games and hanging out. At one point, I got into a wrestling match with Coupe, which was a bad idea, because I lost terribly (although I did put up a good fight) and now my elbows are covered in bruises.
We stayed up most of the night (as usual) and danced and played another awesome game of charades and made food and then went to sleep in our usual spots, comfortable and happy.
Yeah, great way to kick off the weekend.
Today, however, was incredibly fail. We were supposed to go to Costco, but after I took Hunter to work I came home and Emily and I ended up sleeping until a half hour ago. So, you know, it’s six o’clock and we have to get ready and go be the social creatures that Friday night seems to turn us into.
Tonight we are going to see the play “Intimate Apparel,” after which we will progress downtown to a party hosted by two brothers that we met last weekend at another party. And then, there is another party tonight celebrating our friend’s 21st. So who knows what the night will bring, but it certainly will not be wild. I hope.
Tomorrow, I am driving out somewhere because the movie that Hunter is in needs a female to pose with a police officer. So that’s what I’m doing. I can now add movie extra to my resume. Sweet.

Yeah, so. Happy Weekend!

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