Bike. Protesting.

Wow. It’s been a long week already and it’s only Tuesday.
On Monday night, Emily and I were in the basement/bike storage room doing laundry and I realized that my bike wasn’t where I had left it. I thought about it for a couple minutes, thinking that maybe I had biked somewhere and then just left it, and returned home after whatever I had been doing. But then, in the corner, wrapped around some bars on the window, I saw my bike lock. It was a long metal chain with loops at the end where I would attach the lock. The chain had been cut, and then discarded in the corner.
I am livid. In a locked room, in a locked gate, in my own apartment building, someone cut the lock on my bike and took it.

Today, for my Women, Crime and Justice class, I went downtown to Loyola’s Lewis Towers to hear Lisa Madigan speak. She’s the attorney general of Illinois and she hasn’t done anything to reopen cases for victims of police torture. (John Burge was a police commander…do you remember hearing about him?) The event required RSVPs and our class hadn’t been aware of that, so we stood outside and ended up joining the protesters. We were all yelling and the police had to come and reorganize the group. They ended up trying to gain entrance into the building to go up and get into the speech.
They were from the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and I ended up holding a clipboard and getting signatures from the passerby. It was fun. Emily went with me and took pictures. I’ll put them up as soon as the internet will let me. For some reason, it’s not working right now.

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