Recycle, Birthday Cookies, Home.

Emily and I have reached a point where we recycle more than we throw away. And it’s not even like we have a giant bin just sitting twenty away from us that we can recycle our stuff into. We carry all of it down three flights of stairs and then out to the car and then drive it half a mile to the recycling center where were unload it into huge recycling bins.
There’s no excuse.

I’m coming home tomorrow. I am exhausted. It will be nice to sleep, I think. Tonight, I plan on staying up way too late and being wild. Because it’s Thursday, it’s the premiere of the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and because it’s my friend’s birthday.

I had to write my first paper of the year last night, and I’m not altogether sure that I have retained any knowledge of anything.
According to Dave, “information is not always knowledge.”
And I think he has a point.

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