Marijuana. Denver Post Article worth consideration

This is a great article about the problem of marijuana growers in Colorado.

Basically, even though we have legalized medical marijuana and legalized the distribution of it, we have not yet legalized the process of growing it.
Even though the growers have the cards from the patients saying that they are providing a service, the police keep coming in and raiding their spaces, taking their plants and then charging them with felonies.

This has to stop.

No matter how you feel about marijuana itself, you cannot deny that it helps ease the pain that some people feel. Pick the one drug you rely the most on, whether it’s ibuprofen or a painkiller or your arthritis medicine and image that someone told you that you are no longer allowed to get it. No one can give it to you. What are you going to do?

It’s a plant.

It grows naturally all over Colorado, even on federal land. One of the comments below the article brought up a very valid point: why aren’t we focusing on the illegal immigrants, the gang problems, anything else. Why are we going after peaceful pot smoking hippies? Why are we going after people who need this to live happy, pain-free lives?

Think about it. What’s worse? A bunch of giggly, possibly hungry patients or guns on the streets?

Why is marijuana a Schedule I drug? Is it as bad as PCP? Absolutely not.
Let’s work for change.
Let’s not fight weed, let’s fight crack. Let’s fight meth, let’s fight PCP, let’s fight heroin.

Seriously, let’s all feel alright.

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