Sadness, for the 3rd time.

Being here is hard for me, for some reason. I’m alone, again, even though I have Emily. I miss home, Denver, Danny, Mom.
It’s a challenge, something I certainly wasn’t expecting. I’ve been thrown off, completely. My days are empty. I’m exhausted all the time. I’m finally eating again, which is probably a good thing. I find myself disconnected.
It’s going to be rough, starting this whole life thing all over again.
Maybe once school starts, things will settle down a little bit.
Every year gets harder; I have no idea why. There’s nothing left for me in Denver, really. What would I do? Stay at Dairy Queen and let my chances at life bleed to death? No, please, not that.
I’ll stay here and take my chances.
The ending of the relationship is something I never thought I’d have to take to heart; I never am the one that gets hurt, but this time, I can’t even comprehend it. I’ll take my time, and let myself be alone and comfortable with that, but if things don’t start to get better, I can always get back together with him.
I’m going to concentrate on school, concentrate on trying to form new friendships (yikes!), and then try and let things fall into place.
I just can’t force my life to happen, and for now, it’s in a lull and I think the lesson here is that I have to be okay with that. I have to be self-sufficient and capable of being alone, facing long hours by myself. I can do that. I can work on the things that are wrong with me. I can be a better person. I can try and be social, try and meet new people and do new things. I can do all of this, given the opportunity.
I need to find a job.
I need a day with no tears.
I’ll be alright, I think.
There’s no turning back, not now. We’re too far in.

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