We’re getting ready, steadily moving forward, changing the plan. There’s been a lot of yelling and frustration about something that should have been simple. It’s hard for me to part with my stuff.
I find myself most content when I have less, yet I have this compulsion to always have more. It’s a fact; it’s not a habit; it’s something I cannot yet change. Maybe as I ease into adulthood and come into being as my own person, I will be able to forego the material and embrace the singular ideal of life without clutter.
Remember when Mom and Dad got divorced and Mike and I lived out of duffel bags? I have decided that this is where my need for stuff comes from, the idea that perhaps I won’t have something for a few days, the idea that someone else will take it and I’ll never see it again, the idea that I’ll be somewhere and not have what I need with me.
It’s odd.
The new, revized Plan Z is this: Mom and Mike are leaving Denver at noon on the 7th. I leave before them, in the early morning hours. We meet in Chicago on Friday afternoon, sign the lease, hand over ridiculous amounts of money, open the doors to my new life and then settle in. Then they leave.
It’s great, really. Hopefully this will eliminate the need for a.) shippping and b.) plane tickets for Mom. Maybe we will save money, maybe we will not. At this point, it’s not about that anymore. It’s about the fact that all of this is happening in four days.
I can’t wait.
I have things to tell everyone, things I have mulled over and over.
But the thing I have to tell you is: I want to go abroad. I want to pack a bag and then just leave. I would like that very much.

Let’s embrace what we have left of everything.


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