The sunlight was pouring steadily in through the windows as we settled in for sleep after the night. I was tucked in on the couch, blissfully unaware of what was happening to the rest of our companions. The night had started out uneventfully enough, Emily and I went to see “Baby Mama,” a new comedy out last night. Flip flops and shopping led to the purchase of a new swimsuit at the Gap, which will be debuted on our upcoming cruise. From there, we went home, visited friends as we watched old sitcom reruns in the dorm. Midnight, the boys showed up with my bag, brought from their house, and we all piled into a cab for the party. The night was eventful, quiet and wild, conversations, books, drinks flowing freely around us. We stood on the balcony, myself wearing a fake fur coat, jeans, and a black Oxford all borrowed from Emily’s closet.
Four a.m. brought the need for food, and we jumped into a cab and then went back to the dorm. Standing on the quiet street, in the middle of a busy city hushed, we spoke of plans.
And so four of us, Emily, Ian, their friend and myself, left Hunter to find his way home and we went to the packed Tempo Cafe for omelettes. We ate, and finally, tired with the hours spent awake, decided to turn to bed. The boys left us and Emily and I rode the elevator up in silence, exhaustion setting in. I curled up on the couch, blanket and pillow, and sunlight.
Thursday night found the four of us, Ian, Hunter, Emily and I all playing improv games at the boys’ apartment. Emily and Ian met me at the airport, after a difficult plane trip, I was more than ready to be back on solid ground. I sat next to a woman wearing Star Warsesque boots, and we talked and talked. She told me to tell my mom that she was lucky to have a daughter like me, and that if I was ever in Boulder, she wanted to take me out for coffee. It was a bumpy ride, though, the plane lurching and jerking around. I slept fitfully, curled into my stuffed alligator.
Thursday was nice, ended with a movie and the four of us sprawled around on various couches or pull out beds. Emily left for class in the morning after I hit the snooze on Hunter’s alarm. I went with the boys to their acting group, the sun beating down all around us. 80 degrees, a summer dress, flip flops…we were delayed by my sickness, an acute moment in which I was unable to keep anything down. I sat in the park, just off Michigan avenue, in a quiet little grassy enclave. The bench I sat on was surrounded by tulips and a little bird came and sat next to me for awhile. It was a beautiful day.
We walked to Portillo’s and had a late lunch, then separated, running off into the hot rain of the city. I had walked barefoot from the south loop to the north loop and then nearly back, my feet dirty but happy to be back in the city that I love.

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