Into February.

The first two days after he left were the worst I’ve experienced thus far. I realized how alone I really am in Denver. I have work and school to keep me busy, but nights are long and weekends stretch out forever.
I bought plane tickets that week, not knowing that the stress of what we were facing was about to tear us apart. As usual, he came to the rescue.
I’m settling in. Things are different.
Dairy Queen cut my hours because I am unwilling to work in Highland’s Ranch. I’m in the market for a second job, one that will look better on a resume and will possibly give me a new direction. I want to keep the one I have now, and supplement my income.
I’m going to see him in a week. Friday morning, I’ll be back on Monday morning. I am counting the days. I can’t wait. I’m flying out early, I’ll get coffee in downtown Portland and wait for him to get done with classes and then take the bus down from campus.

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