Finals week begins.

Finals week begins.
I have two tests, one on Friday and another next Monday.
I also have one written final, one take-home writing portion of a test, three papers, and a final news story.
I packed my first box today. It is small and heavy, but I’m thinking that with a few more boxes, I’ll be able to fit most of my things into the suitcases. I have gone through my wardrobe and found things that I do not wear as much as I should, and I am donating them before I leave so that I don’t have to worry about bringing them home. I even donated that pair of jeans I’ve been holding onto. It’s great, because I need to buy new jeans anyway, so getting rid of some will be nice. Also, Chicago has a much bigger homeless population than Denver.
So it works for everyone. I’m leaving the trashcan that I bought because no one wants to bring a trashcan home. And the giant posters will have to stay too. I don’t know how I’m going to get my other posters home. I may just buy a poster roller thing….and then have that shipped out.

We were looking through Loyola’s famous graduates last night and found one oddity among the bunch. An adult entertainment actress. I wonder what the school thinks of that. Also, the guitarist from 90s band The Smashing Pumpkins (!!!) and the lead singer from the heavy metal band Disturbed. I’ll go and find the list and put it up.

Danny’s dance recital is today. He was enrolled in Ghanaian Music and Dance, and thus had to learn a dance from Ghana, Africa. Today, he preforms it at some sort of festival at Lewis and Clark. He called me this morning, and we talked for awhile before he had to go. He’s not sure he wants to be in Portland anymore, but to be honest, I think he just needs a break. He’s been there since August with one trip home. I’ve been flying all around this semester, so it’s been nicely broken up.
He just wants to get home and see me (!) which I can’t wait for. He’s picking me up at the airport on Monday. We’re going to see the Botanic Garden’s light show on Tuesday night, which I have never done. We drove by after Thanksgiving one evening to see if the lights were up, and he was shocked that I had never been.

I don’t know how you feel about nature-esque television, but Planet Earth on Discovery channel has been wonderful. I watched a marathon of it yesterday as I sat battling some strange illness on the couch.

Ah, well, nothing important. High-stress situation.

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