Countdown begins….

26 days until fall break! Oregon, here I come.
Yeah, we’re counting, we know. It’s lame. But how many times in my life will I be able to say that I’ve flown cross country for love?
Drama exploded here this weekend, but on the whole it was laid back.
Nice discussions with both Katie and Danny. Katie’s sort of significant other, Ben, asked her when she was going to grow out of our friendship. Wow. Katie has been my other since freshman year of high school. We did the long distance relationship through freshman year, and got even closer, if that’s possible, this summer. I wouldn’t be able to survive if I didn’t know that she will always be there for me. My wall is covered in pictures of Katie, Colorado, and Danny. But mostly Katie. And Colorado. Don’t ever underestimate between best friends. Especially not the Katies.
Emily from Denver came this weekend, bringing her roommate unexpectedly, which caused disastrous results. And I am $17 poorer as a result of her inability to navigate city streets and find a parking spot.
However, things have continued. I got into a fight defending gay rights with someone’s roommate, which ended in me walking out after I asked him to please not use the word “hate.” He refused. I don’t stand for that. As a woman, I know what it’s like to be ogled and objectified, so when he told me he had that experience ONCE in his life and, as a result, “hates gays,” I fought back. It was ridiculous. Some people are so ignorant and disrespectful.
Ah, well, getting a little chillier here.

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