The downside

Fall break can’t come soon enough. Shortly after Mom, Mike, Aunt Sally and Grandma Mary come through Chicago, I hope to be heading off to Oregon to spend a long weekend there.
My stomach has been increasingly more upset lately. I’m never hungry, but I often feel faint or sick. It’s as though I need to eat, desperately, and even though I do, it seems like nothing is ever enough. I can’t eat much, because if I do, I’ll be sick, but I know that I need to eat. It’s a difficult situation that I am wondering how to handle. There have been no substances entering my bloodstream via lungs or stomach, and I’m wondering how that is affecting my feelings of illness. Certain things do tend to take away the nausea that I often feel.
I’m sure this cold isn’t helping. I feel tired because I am so sick, and I can’t kick the cough or the sinus drainage.
Way too much information, I know, but it feels better typing it all out. I know what you’re all thinking, “Hey, doesn’t Loyola have a Wellness Center?” Yeah, we do, but I am not going. They’re going to tell me I have IBS and then give me cough drops. I’ll just wait it out.

26 East Pearson
Box #0601
Chicago, IL 60611
Use my full name: Katherine

Danny and I have been communicating via iChat, which allows us to talk and see each other through our computers. Mom, all you have to do is set up that camera and then get on AOL (so you can Instant Message me) and then send me a video invitation. It works. It’s pretty sweet, actually.

I think I’m going to go make some breakfast. I’m not sure that it will help, and I’m nervous that this is going to turn into something worse. Emily was hospitalized last night again for the same reasons as before. Stomach. Stomach. Stomach. And they never find anything, and there’s never anything they can do, but she’s still really ill. I think it’s odd that the two of us are both so sick for no apparent reason all the time, although hers is most definitely more severe.

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