July. So far.

Wow. It’s already July. It seems like just yesterday it was the end of April and I was stretched out on the couch in Chicago thinking about how I didn’t want to go home.
Well now I am home, have been home, and am currently thinking I don’t want to go back to Chicago. This summer, so far, has been absolutely wonderful. There’s been a lot of drama at work. I’m back to the forty hour a week grind, and I’m hating every minute of it. There’s something in the attitudes of the people who live in Highland’s Ranch. It’s their superiority complex, the one that assumes that I must have an IQ of 12 and that I don’t attend college, and am therefore not able to relate or conversate with them on any level. Huh.
Let’s see. Double major. Triple minor. I’d like to tell them a thing or two. The owner has been treating my manager Heidi terribly. She’s one of my good friends, and I just can’t stand to see her have to help customers while she’s crying. This is officially my last summer there. Next year, I’ll have to find a job as an intern or something. I can’t do this anymore.
The money is fine, but it’s just not worth it. I’m losing out on my friends because since I am the only one who cares, I have to take the shifts that no one else will take, which means I work most nights.
That’s great, but my friends work during the day. So they get off right as I’m going in to work. It’s no fun.
I’ve been hanging out with Katie, of course, but some new people as well. Amanda and Danny were friends with Alex’s group, which is sort of mine, which is sort of just everyone who hangs out at Stellas, which is sort of like a giant social network. Anyway, I am finally super happy and having a good time with other people. Not that the routines have changed. It’s still the same things, but just with different people. And this summer, the guy I like has a car. Haha, so I don’t have to drive everywhere. And they go to college. Wow. I’m moving up.
I’ve been losing weight because my stomach is constantly upset. That’s been fun. Not. I have completely lost my appetite, and when I eat, I get stomachaches. So we’ll see how that goes. Currently, I’m edging closer to where I was when I left for school, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. I just want to be hungry again, so I don’t have to feel like a moron when all the boys are halfway through their second hamburger and I can hardly get halfway through my first one.
My friend Emily from St. Louis is coming to visit tomorrow. I am so excited. We are going out tomorrow night, obviously, and then I have no idea what to do for the next couple of days. I want her to meet all my friends, and then I want to take her to Red Rocks and stuff.
Too bad we can’t go to WaterWorld. Maybe we will anyway.
P.s. Thanks to Aunt Sally for that information about the crows. I hadn’t thought of it like that, and it was super helpful. On the plus side, they haven’t been around in the past couple of days, so maybe they’ve found someone else to bug.

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