Back to work….

Ah, the joys of the 40 hour work week. I have one day off a week, usually Wednesday, and I have been closing most nights. The store out in Highlands Ranch is busier than the one on Colorado Blvd, and the people there are much ruder and expectant than the ones I’m used to. The other employees are not quite what I expected, and I am unsure that I will ever fit in with them. I’m way too much of a free spirit for that. I answer to Heidi, she’s the manager there now, and she took me from Colorado Blvd with her. They do everything backward, and it annoys me. The assistant manager has a giant ass (I had to say it…it’s true. HUGE) and complains when the store gets busy. It’s Dairy Queen, of course it’s going to get busy. You have to learn to love the rush, the adrenaline pumping through your veins, the quick pace. It’s what it’s all about. She doesn’t do anything. I am 19 and doing all of the work. I took three orders to her one, and was making things cleaner than she was. That’s weird, because my nickname is the Tornado and I am still managing to be cleaner than her. Ahhhh….I get called in early, and then I have to stay late. I stayed there until 12:30 tonight. Ridiculous.

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