Earthquakes, tornados, and inner turmoil

The weeks are going faster now. Suddenly it’s all real, and I’m realizing it’s close. My mood is slowly lowering, surely to be lifted in a few hours. Apartments are shifting into shape, and the pressing issue is pressing closer. I need to go faster, I know I do. But there are things holding me back. Even now, I’m hiding from something, even though I know I shouldn’t be. How much do I pay to go here? I try to go to all of them, everyday, but so far, this week, I’m down three for the count. And I don’t care.
Too bad. Let’s wait for the stasis that next week will bring.

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free spirit, lover of red wine, bacon, sushi, the ocean, and adventure. I work in the legal field, do freelance writing, and take care of children.

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